Tis the Season to Get Trampled

Ethical Markets Poetry by Hazel Henderson

Videos We Like about all our STUFF


Quirky, ridiculous, sadly on point?  These two videos convey important messages.

From The Story of Stuff, this one-minute video — set to a classic holiday tune — parodies the Black Friday mayhem. Annie Leonard wants this video to get a lot of people thinking about alternatives to the Black Friday frenzy.

Watch this video posted on Ex’tax which explains the proposal by Eckart Wintzen (1939-2008) to bring taxes on resources up and taxes on labor down, creating a proper incentive to use abundant, recycled materials to make all of our stuff instead of scarce ones. Lower taxes on labor would make it more affordable to benefit from the abundance of capacities of people, boosting manpower, craftsmanship and creativity.  Ex’tax enables a more sustainable kind of prosperity, based on sensible use of resources and more jobs and services.