Reforming the Global Casino

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April 14, 2009.  As a respected evolutionary economist, Hazel Henderson is one of the few who deeply understands both the cause of our current financial crisis and the solutions required to go beyond it long-term. In this Shift in Action radio show with host Stephen Dinan, you’ll get a deeper understanding of the “global casino” and the reforms that can make our economic system healthy again.  In easy-to-understand terms, Hazel discusses the global speculation bubble, the over-inflation of the financial sector, the Federal Reserve, fractional reserve banking, the impact of shortselling and more. Most importantly, she offers clear ideas for how to bypass Wall Street by fostering green industry, harnessing local currencies, reforming our understanding of money, working with private electronic exchanges, eating local produce, and investing in green businesses. Click to hear the mp3 Caught in the Rain divx