PERSPECTIVES: Happy Relationships Day!

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“We at Ethical Markets agree with our beloved colleague and partner, Rinaldo  Brutoco, President of World Business Academy, that life is all about relationships!  Enjoy!


~Hazel Henderson, Editor.

P E R S P E C T I V E S:

Happy Relationships Day!

A Time to Reflect on Our Precious Connections


By Rinaldo S. Brutoco


The following Perspectives column was published in the February 11, 2021 (online and printed) edition of the Montecito Journal as well as on the World Business Academy website

Ah yes…Valentine’s Day is here. Commercially, it’s a very successful day because merchants have historically used this “hearts and flowers” day to sell lots of sugary red hearts and flowers. And, having grown up as a Catholic, I’ve always experienced a certain sadness from learning how St. Valentine was beheaded for sending a note to a young Roman maiden signed “Your Valentine”—a practice widely in use globally to this day.

Viewed from its full historical framework, Valentine’s Day is about so much more than red doily heart-shaped notes, more than flowers, and more even than sharing “I love you.” It’s about relationships.   Continue reading…