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Austerity and the Destruction of Democracy – provided by; Rob Johnson: Austerity policies in Europe threaten a deformation of democracy and the rise of ultra-nationalist forces

Bank of North Dakota – provided by Prairie Public Television and the Public Banking Institute; During the early 1900s, North Dakota was dependent on agriculture.  To diversify the economy, North Dakota created the state-owned Bank of North Dakota, largely credited for making North Dakota the only state with a large budget surplus.  This film discusses the bank’s history and plans for the future.

Why Save the Euro?  – provided by; Mark Weisbrot, American economist, columnist and co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, D.C, explains how the Euro is flawed and how the European Union will survive, with or without it.

“Spin” by Brian Springer – Using the 1992 presidential election, documentary filmmaker Brian Springer captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s. Pat Robertson, Al Gore, George Bush gaffes are shown — all presuming they’re off camera. Composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage, Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality. Coupled with Alan F Kay’s Spot the Spin, one is led to wonder how much truth is in politics

The Last Mountain – trailer for the critically acclaimed documentary on the devastation of mountaintop removal in the pursuit of coal in Appalachia

FLOW — presentation to the UN and trailer for the award-winning documentary on the looming water crisis and the Right to Water, proposed Article 31 to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

On Politics and the Federal Budget 2011 – provided by Yoram Bauman,

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Ethical Markets Transforming Finance Series – provided by Ethical Markets Media;  Hazel Henderson interviews key figures in the movement to bring financial markets into the Global Commons.

Hazel Henderson on Beyond GDP — provided by Ethical Markets Media; Hazel Henderson gives the opening presentation to the “Beyond GDP – Toward Qualitative Growth” session of SRI in the Rockies 2010.

The Money Fix — provided by Ethical Markets; on PBS stations and affiliates around the US for free download from Directed and produced by Alan Rosenblith (see full version at and edited for TV by Hazel Henderson, this feature-length documentary explores our society’s relationship with the almighty dollar and examines economic patterning in both the human and the natural worlds. Most of us take the monetary system for granted, but it has a profound and largely misunderstood influence on our lives. The film documents alternative money systems which help solve economic problems for the communities in which they operate.

Emerging Measures of Qualitative Growth — provided bySustainable Brands 2010; Hazel Henderson re-defines the metrics by which nations measure success beyond GDP