MAGAZINE: Highlighting the Voices of Women

kristy Global Citizen, The Power of Yin

Taking Grassroots Women’s Voices to Rio+20

This week, as world leaders convene in Rio de Janeiro to decide a viable future for our children and the planet, we’re cranking up the volume on the often-unheard voices of grassroots women on the front lines of a growing ecological crisis.

Using the power of interactive media, we asked our community of women leaders to share their on-the-ground realities and advise policymakers at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. As their courageous voices echo throughout the forum, we invite you to read their stories.

MAGAZINE: Highlighting the Voices of Women

Hear a selection of women’s Rio+20 recommendations, exposing that sustainable development must tackle issues ranging from sanitation to land rights to economic empowerment for women.
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CAMPAIGN: World Pulse Delivers 55 Statements from 28 Countries to Rio

Take a look at World Pulse’s statement to leaders at the UN, calling for strong commitments and action to reform and implement policies that empower and protect women.
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COMMUNITY: Mapping Women’s Voices on Sustainable Development

Visit our interactive global map to experience the raw and powerful Rio+20 stories submitted from women across the globe.
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“I hope that as world leaders look for global solutions, the voices and specific needs of women will be highlighted to make sustainable development a reality for them.”

—-Amie Bojang-Sissoho, The Gambia