Ethical Markets Honors Co-founding Officer

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Saint Augustine, FL, October 15, 2013 – Ethical Markets Media is proud to name Alan F. Kay (1925-), as Honorary Chair of the Ethical Markets Advisory Board.  Alan F. Kay, PhD, retiring as treasurer, has served Ethical Markets since 2003, providing leadership to the company and untiring support to Hazel Henderson, President, Founder and Dr. Kay’s life partner.


During his life of diverse experiences, Dr. Kay has been a soldier in WWII, an interpreter in occupied Japan, a big city sports reporter, a scholar, a PhD mathematician, a scientist, a technology innovator, an engineer, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a business executive, an investor, an author, a public policy maven, and finally, culminating all these experiences: a social innovator.


Among his other duties, Dr. Kay was our advisor on public interest opinion research and socially-responsible business during Ethical Markets formative years.   He began building toward this role as a WWII draftee in the US cavalry (1943-1946), spending seven months as a Japanese language interpreter in occupied Japan (1946). With a PhD in mathematics from Harvard and MIT, Dr. Kay co-founded two public companies: TRG, a research and development company (1954-63), and in 1966, AutEx, supplier of electronic “market” systems to industry, the first B2B e-commerce company including pre-Internet email.  Read Dr. Kay’s assessment of his role in Wall Street’s entry into the computer age in “Calling Wall Street to Account.”

In 1978, after selling AutEx (now owned by Thomson Reuters), Dr. Kay awakened to the sad state of politics and governance.  He became a donor and board member of policy organizations and an investor and advisor to start-up companies pioneering energy efficiency and pollution control technologies.


In 1987, he established the art and science of public-interest polling.  He is author of “Locating Consensus for Democracy – a Ten Year US Experiment” (2000), “Spot the Spin: the Fun Way to Keep Democracy Alive and Elections Honest” (2004), and numerous articles on business, government and military topics, focusing on developing and supporting major social innovations.  His writings are available in their original form at and


He has written a memoir, Militarist Millionaire Peacenik (2008) and co-authored with Col. Dan Smith (deceased) Eliminating War! (2009). Dr. Kay writes that “the central purpose of this book, often omitted among the enormous numbers of good books available on war, is to offer proposals that make a tight, comprehensive presentation of specific ways that ultimately could eliminate war.”  You can download Dr. Kay’s book Eliminating War! at


Thank you, Alan F. Kay, for your many years of service to Ethical Markets, the United States and the World.




Hazel Henderson, President and Founder

Rosalinda Sanquiche, Executive Director

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