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Greetings from the Big Island of Hawai’i! I’m behind in sending out the newsletter because I’ve been spending a lot of time outrigger paddling. It’s been a fantastic yet challenging experience. I’d like to share some of this unexpected journey with you in the hopes that my experience might inspire you to step beyond what you think you are capable of.

Back in December I was asked to be part of a long distance crew that would do a 9 mile race in May. I was shocked to be asked, as I was (and still am) a novice. But I said yes before overthinking it because I enjoy paddling. So when I walked away from that conversation I searched myself for why else I had agreed. I certainly didn’t feel I was physically at the level of the other women that would be in my six woman crew- all of whom are local Hawaiian’s. Almost all of them have paddled since they were children, yet something inside wanted me to challenge myself and see if I could pull it off. The worst that could happen, I figured, was that I would hit the wall physically or they would tell me I was not up to snuff and boot me out.

So it began. We’d leave the  Kawaihae boat harbor at 5:30 in the morning three times a week. For the first couple of months it was pitch black out there. While I love being out on the ocean, I am experienced with it enough to know how awesome – in the true sense of the word – the ocean is and how vulnerable being out there can be. So yes, I had my moments of hesitation being present to how many miles from shore we were in the pitch dark. But then, the gobsmacking beauty of it all would arrive right on it’s heels and shake that fear and concern right out of me. Being below the immense sky – with the milky way still tangible above – thanks to this island having no light pollution – filled me with the wonder of how small we all are in this vast Universe. Being out on the ocean with the water reflecting the full moon as it set, reflecting on the endless ocean or watching the morning sun rise slowly up behind sacred Mauna Kea, would take my breath away.  Have you ever seen the phosphorescence out on the ocean? It bursts and shines like a thousand fireflies – glowing on the edges of where our canoe and paddles jostled the algae that sits suspended on the top of the ocean, lighting our way.

Let me emphasize that I’ve never been a ‘jock’. While I was on the swim and tennis team in High School, sports weren’t a big part of my life. I’ve haven’t ever seen myself as particularly athletic or a “marathon” type. Yet paddling has gotten under my skin in more ways than I could have expected. So whether or not I was ready for that sort of challenge, I felt compelled to give it a go.

A lot happened over that six month period and there were a few times when I didn’t know if I would make it through. There were more than a few times when I was sure I’d be cut.  There were moments when I was afraid my coach’s frustration with me – because I had so much to learn – was going to reach its limit. But miraculously, she did not give up on me. And while I was glad to just be able to finish the race I’m very proud & shocked to report that our crew came in third place in our age division! We actually received a medal! Receiving it was surreal. I was so moved by having it that I am not ashamed to admit that I slept with it on for two nights! 🙂

Despite the physical difficulty of pushing myself beyond what I perceived to be my limits, and the relentless internal criticism I gave to myself about not being in shape enough, not thin enough, strong enough or experienced enough, I managed to keep moving forward. Some days I was able to quiet the voice in my head and other days, I couldn’t. I’m not sure why I was so determined, but I was. And that made all the difference.

Often, life will present us with something completely out of left field or something very much out of our comfort zone. It might fly in the face of how we view ourselves. But if we are willing to keep our mind open and step forward, even if we are scared to death, we might discover something about ourselves and our abilities that we could not have previously imagined we were capable of.


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Perhaps you’ve always been curious what happens in a coaching session? Recently I was interviewed for a podcast interview with SteadyTrade. Their two cohosts Tim Bohen and Stephen Johnson were interested in doing a coaching session with me.

Stephen and Tim courageously allowed their coaching sessions to be recorded and they decided to share it on YouTube in the hope that it might benefit others.

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If you are curious to learn more how coaching could help you achieve your goals or to learn how to get out of your own way, please reach out so my team and I can develop a program that is custom designed for you.

Launching a Podcast!

The Wall Street Coach Podcast will release in September! Six episodes are being recorded now, and I’ll let you know when they are released. Please let me know if there are specific topics, issues or interviews you’d like to see me feature.

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