Book Review: ‘The Sixth Wave’

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Review by Hazel Henderson, originally published on

The Sixth Wave by James Bradfield Moody and Bianca Nogrady, Vintage Books Australia 2010
Using the analogy to the famous waves of technological change modeled by Nikolai Kondratiev, these authors, both Australian experts, look at the global technological future. The tragic life of the brilliant Kondratiev, a minister of the Russian government and founder of their Institute of Conjecture, ended with years of imprisonment and his execution under Stalin in 1938. His Kondratiev wave theory, published in 1925, predicted the 50-60 year cycles of boom and bust in Western capitalist economies starting with Britain’s Industrial Revolution around 1780. As the authors point out, Joseph Schumpeter picked up on Kondratiev’s waves to add his theories of creative destruction and innovation. For full review, visit Seeking Alpha.