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‘Articles by Hazel Henderson’

Hazel Henderson Keynotes MUM Business Symposium

Hazel Henderson keynoted the July 2012 Deep Green Sumposium on Sustainable Business Management.  Watch her presentation. http://youtu.be/A1S_1OxGjuU Congratulations to Hazel who was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the end of her presentation.

Book Review: ‘Dark Pools’ By Scott Patterson

Book Review: ‘Dark Pools’ By Scott Patterson

Dark Pools is a page-turning, fascinating account of how computerized algorithmic high-frequency trading (HFT) and electronic platforms evolved, took over financial markets and turned the NYSE floor into a mere "puppet-show for TV." Author Scott Patterson, a reporter for theWall Street Journal, is a consummate observer. Dark Pools is a follow-up [...]

Book Review: Broken Markets by Sal Arnuk and Joseph Saluzzi

Book Review: Broken Markets by Sal Arnuk and Joseph Saluzzi

Broken Markets: How High-Frequency Trading and Predatory Practices Are Destroying Confidence and Your Portfolio, by Sal Arnuk and Joseph Saluzzi, FT Press, 2012 This insider look at the evolution of high-frequency trading (HFT) from its start as "scalping" in the Chicago commodity trading pits well over a decade ago is chilling, even to the [...]

Transitioning to the Solar Age

Transitioning to the Solar Age

By Hazel Henderson This essay has been excerpted as a chapter in WorldShift 2020: The New Vision - Exploring the Evolving Horizons; section 'From Vision To Reality: Contributions From The Worldshifting Community' forthcoming from Inner Traditions Publishing (Rochester, VT). The multiple crises human societies experienced in the first decade [...]

Book Review: ‘Why Nations Fail’

This magisterial book is a tour throughout the world and our human history, examining the persistent puzzle of why some countries successfully industrialized and others failed. MIT economist Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson, a political scientist and economist at Harvard, go beyond economics and its centuries of hypothesizing about economic [...]

Overview from Green Transition Scoreboard® 2012: From Expanding Cleantech Sectors To Emerging Trends In Biomimicry

In Q3 2011, the Green Transition Scoreboard® totaled private investments in green sectors since 2007 worldwide at $2.4 trillion. Our new total of $3,306,051,439,680 confirms our view that this transition is on track to reach the $10 trillion we project by 2020. Click to read more (PDF)

Scientific Realities Puncturing Bubble Finance

Scientific Realities Puncturing Bubble Finance By Hazel Henderson © 2012 For Interpress Service, distributed as "Science Can Restrain Runaway Finance" The urgent need for a paradigm shift in economics and its financial and mathematical models has been widely-recognized for decades. Recently, Credit Suisse research as well as complexity [...]

The Ethics of Job Creation: Let’s Get Real!

By Hazel Henderson In the U.S., conceptual and political confusion over the issue of jobs was evidenced by wide disparities in claims over job creation, for example in the XL Pipeline case. Many politicians still claim that "the government can't create jobs; only the private sector creates jobs." The Government's Role in Job Creation Such [...]

Honoring President Vaclav Havel

Honoring President Vaclav Havel

By Hazel Henderson Philosopher-poet-playwright and global citizen, Václav Havel was the freedom fighter who led the Czech people to independence from Soviet Russian occupation.  He became their first president in 1989 after the peaceful "velvet revolution" swept this brave man into power with massive support and the slogan "Havel to the [...]

Global Finance Lost In Cyberspace!

GLOBAL FINANCE LOST IN CYBERSPACE! By Hazel Henderson © 2011 For InterPress Service The robot rabbit of finance – high-speed trading, cloud computing – has outrun the tortoise of government oversight and control. For years, I have documented how often science and technology leap ahead of politicians and bureaucrats. Usually, citizens [...]

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