UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System

“Ethical Markets recommends close attention to these important reports.  I was honored to participate in this research  and have presented our  Green Transition Scoreboard®  research on www.brighttalk.com on:

“FINTECH: Good and Bad News for Sustainable Finance, August 22, 2016 and December 14th on “Steering FINTECH toward Sustainable Development Goals and Greening the Global Economy”.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

The UNEP Inquiry has undertaken a landscape analysis of fintech and sustainability as part of our work program this year. A high level piece was included as a chapter in our second global report, “The Financial System We Need; Momentum to Transformation” (which can be downloaded at www.unepinquiry.org) released on the occasion of the IMF Annual Meetings in early October. Today we will release the underlying working paper, “Fintech and Sustainable Development”, at an event in Stockholm, Sweden, co-hosted by the Mistra Foundation (http://bit.ly/2hrVA2Y).


We are pleased to attach a summary briefing covering the report, and the related press release. The full Working Paper can be downloaded from the Inquiry’s website at http://unepinquiry.org or directly at http://bit.ly/2hKi5zA.


Releasing this report is timely given the UNEP Inquiry’s growing portfolio of associated activities. Notably, UNEP, with the Chinese fintech company, ANT Financial Services, will launch the Green Digital Finance Alliance at Davos on 19th January, a multi-stakeholder partnership focused on harnessing digital finance to catalyse green finance. Furthermore, under Germany’s G20’s GreenInvest initiative, we are advancing a work stream on the potential of fintech to advance green finance specifically in developing countries. Also, through a partnership with the Italian G7 presidency we are in 2017 taking forward a work stream focused on green finance for SMEs, with a strong focus of the role of fintech in building this bridge.