Sinal do Vale Part 2 – Rio Green Belt Learning Journeys

Part 2 of Ethical Markets multi-part series on Sinal do Vale, an example of Community Development Solutions which reaches beyond borders, focuses on student, business leader and tourist adventures through the sites, sounds, and tastes of an Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. In Part 1, we learned about the vision for Sinal do Vale and the efforts of its founder, Thais Corral. Stay tuned for Part 3 which dives more deeply into student learning experiences. Never miss a post by signing up for Daily Headlines on the left column of our homepage. ~ Rosalinda Sanquiche, managing editor


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Last week we, Sinal do Vale, told our story about our living laboratory for the transition to sustainability and our work as an international learning community for change-makers. Located in a lush valley in the hills just 50 km outside Rio de Janeiro, SINAL is wedged between the Guanabara Bay and one of the largest nature reserves in the Atlantic Forest. Protecting this area is critical to preserving the remaining 12% of the Atlantic forest from the uncontrolled urban encroachment of the metropolitan region of Rio. SINAL is part of the Cinturao Verde do Rio (the Rio Green Belt), an association of like-minded organizations and properties that share our vision to protect the rich biodiversity and water sources of the forest. Through reforestation and landscape restoration, we aim to create a green belt that wraps around the Guanabara Bay and prevents further urban sprawl and deforestation. Our association of organizations promotes eco-tourism throughout the Green Belt region in hopes of showing visitors both the beauty and challenges of the Atlantic Rainforest.

SINAL is the hub for our Rio Green Belt Learning Journeys, which take groups of students, business leaders, and engaged tourists on an adventure through the sites, sounds, and tastes of the Atlantic Rainforest. Groups observe exotic wildlife, witness restoration of the Brazilian mangroves on a boat ride in the Guanabara Bay, see impressive works of bio-construction and ecological art, and discover the delicious food that is grown organically and produced locally. Participants begin their journey at SINAL where they explore the lush valley with nature hikes and collect fruits and vegetables from our organic gardens and food forests. We then head off for day trips to visit the neighboring reserves where local social entrepreneurs and conservationists invite groups to experience the Atlantic Forest through boat trips, bird watching, and native food cooking lessons.

The groups are immersed in the natural wonders of the forest while being exposed to the burning challenges that this threatened ecosystem faces. All proceeds from the journeys go directly to helping fight deforestation and protecting the endangered animal and plant species at risk in the area.

Click to see our Rio Green Belt Learning Journey brochure and explore the possibility of an adventure into the Atlantic Rainforest.

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