Michaela Walsh “Founding A Movement”

Michaela Walsh

“Founding A Movement” 

“If you are a true feminist then you have to condemn inequality —
if you want to have a better world for women, we have to stick together.”
Author unknown.

Hi Hazel,

What a year this has been – aside from several months of some chronic physical issues – one surprise and new adventure after another:

Return annual visit to Oaxaca Mexico where I have been annually for four years and plan to do so again in 2019. The warm weather, beauty, history, museums, gardens, food and MARGARITA’s, will, I hope, become an annual gift to myself.

And what an amazing surprise to receive a call from a dear Friend “How would you like to go to Botswana – before you Reply there will be no expenses involved” Little did she know that the top dream on my bucket list was a visit to Botswana -one of the countries I had never visited…The stories about Botswana are all TRUE. Herds of animals, excited guides, impressive management everywhere, and special for us:

A meeting at one of the safari camps suggested by us older American businesswomen for about 25 young enthused and bright women all confident about the African economy and planning on becoming Entrepreneurs themselves. Still hoping to find a way to help keep their dreams alive!!!

And a traditional summer visit to Martha’s Vineyard and relatives from different parts of the world – welcome to Charles and Owen as new members to the family – special trips to see the creative work of this emerging YOUNG generation. They certainly are creating HOPE for a peaceful future.

Thought that would be the end of “new”?

In July I am coordinating a week-long program “GLOBAL WOMEN”S VOICES” at the Fairleigh Dickinson Oxford UK campus, and GSL ALUMS global network leadership programs now in Morocco, the Dominican Republic and Spain.

As a new Global Citizen with my local banker, A mentor once told me “leave the party 5 minutes before the hostess wants you to leave…” and so I too am wishing you All peace and joy in the years ahead…


Michaela Walsh
New York