Zerofootprint’s VELObill:Utility Bill of the Future wins the Popular Choice Award in US Department of Energy’s ‘Apps for Energy’ competition

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New York June 6, 2012 – The future just got more intelligent.  New York based Zerofootprint’s VELObill: Utility Bill of the Future smart energy app just won the Grand Prize People’s Choice Award in the US Department of Energy’s Green Button “Apps for Energy” Competition, bumping up the nation’s energy IQ.

Gone are the days when we toil over complex utility bills to decipher what we might do to reduce our costs, and our consumption. With VELObill, everyone can visualize and participate in energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gasses. Zerofootprint CEO and Chief Architect of VELObill, Ron Dembo, said, “VELObill puts consumers, big and small, in the driver’s seat. We are grateful for the thousands of supporters who rallied around VELObill, to the Obama Administration for fostering the competition, and for recognition of its profound impact by the US Department of Energy who also awarded the product third place for Best Overall Application.

The US Energy Department’s Energy App Challenge $100,000 in prizes to software developers for the best new apps that help utility customers understand their usage, make better informed decisions, and make the most out of their electricity usage data.  It sparked a wave of creativity among visionaries and app developers.

VELObill, from software and services company Zerofootprint, makes it easier for utility customers to measure and track energy consumption and compare it to that of others. With this information in hand, users are empowered to create an energy saving action plan tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

The win secures the company’s position at the forefront of a movement on the verge of transforming energy use, leading to drastic reductions in utility consumption and environmental impact.

Zerofootprint at Rio+20 Earth Summit.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From June 20-22, world leaders from around the world will meet again in Brazil to see what has, and hasn’t, been accomplished in the last twenty years.

Zerofootprint has partnered with the UN to take the world to Rio virtually, and make your volunteer work visible to the rest of the world by allowing you to measure your environmental footprint and compare it to that of your peers around the world. Find out more here.

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