Your invitation to ‘Schumacher College: A Think Tank for Hope’

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News, Global Citizen

Your invitation to ‘Schumacher College: A Think Tank for Hope’

An invitation from Satish Kumar, Founder and Visiting Fellow and Jon Rae, Head of Schumacher College

We are writing to invite you to a very special event for Schumacher College in London and we very much hope that you will be able to join us.

This summer, on 17 July, 6pm-8pm, Schumacher College invites you to the Impact Hub in Kings Cross, London, to hear about the future of Schumacher College, its people and place. We will share our plans to develop a second campus at Dartington, build our bursary fund, and develop Schumacher Worldwide – our network to deepen the impact of alumni and partners.

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We are hoping that you will be able to continue to show your generous support by connecting the College with your own important networks of suitable trusts, foundations and individuals who might like to attend this event and learn about the College.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary for the College. Founded by the Dartington Hall Trust as a centre for deep ecology, social action and transformative learning we have established a global reputation for a radical educational model that cultivates the whole person – head, hearts and hands.

We are attracting an ever growing number of leaders, change makers and activists looking to combine personal growth with disruptive social innovation that tackles the causes of inequality and the destruction of the living planet. As David Orr says of the College we are an ecological design centre focused on the both the know-how and the know-why.

To date we have welcomed over 15,000 individuals to the College from over 75 countries onto our short and longer courses including our postgraduate programmes in Holistic Science, Economics for Transition and Ecological Food Systems. This year we have launched our postgraduate in Ecological Design Thinking and our own apprenticeship in sustainable horticulture.

In responding to the growing demand we look to maintain the human scale of our learning with the establishment of a second campus, underpin diversity through an expanded bursary fund and deepen impact through our alumni and network. This focus on People and Place is part of our wider strategy of intent: Rooting in Place, Networking Worldwide

The aim of People & Place is to:

  • Increase the socio-economic and cultural diversity of our student intake by increasing our bursary fund with particular focus on Southern Europe, South America, South and East Asia.
  • Create a second campus at the heart of the Dartington Estate so we can maintain human-scale learning whilst responding to the demands of increasing numbers wanting to take a very different approach to life and livelihoods.
  • Expand our digital network for connecting, collaborating and learning amongst alumni and others to deepen our impact and open access to the College’s valuable learning materials.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in London in July. Please RSVP to Lou Rainbow, Head of Fundraising, Events and Promotions. [email protected]

With our very best wishes