WWF, Pro Natura and Solidar Suisse revert to Inrate’s expertise

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WWF, Pro Natura and Solidar Suisse revert to Inrate’s expertise

Inrate developed assessment methodology for the ecological evaluation of Swiss power providers as well as for the first Swiss community rating on global responsibility

July 4, 2011 – The sustainability rating agency Inrate on behalf of WWF and Pro Natura has evaluated the ecological performance of the biggest power providers in Switzerland. Furthermore, together with Solidar Suisse, Inrate has developed the critera for the first Solidar community rating.

WWF and Pro Natura have asked the independent sustainability rating agency Inrate to compare the ecological performance of the twelve biggest Swiss power providers as well as the SBB. In order to award the rating, Inrate applied more than 30 criteria regarding the energy mix, the ecology of hydropower production, the marketing of green electricity, energy efficiency as well as a green corporate strategy.

Furthermore, Inrate has supported Solidar Suisse to develop a community rating scheme assessing to which extent Swiss communities act in a globally responsible manner on a day-to-day basis. Altogether, 88 Swiss communities have been evaluated. Two areas are analyzed: the communities’ engagement with developing countries and their procurement practices.

All results as well as a summary can be downloaded here.
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