WWC President calls for a “Pact for Water Security”

kristy SRI/ESG News, Earth Systems Science

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WWC President calls for a “Pact for Water Security”

28 September 2012 – New York, USA – “The time for wishful thinking is over. Now is the time for actions, commitments and solutions,” declared Mr. Fauchon, President of the World Water Council speaking at a side event yesterday on water and food security at the 67th National Assembly of the United Nations. It was in the presence of – among others – Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General, Dr. Khaled bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, State of Qatar and José Graziano da Silva, Director UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, that Mr. Fauchon pleaded for a Pact for Water Security that the Council intends to present to governments, parliamentarians, local elected representatives, economic leaders and NGO communities. “We are faced with many responsibilities. In order to meet growing needs and face hydric stress we must plead for additional water resources to be made available,” he said before making his final recommendations to the high level decision makers present in the room.

The President asked of all States to enshrine the Right to Water within their Constitutions and to recognize water and sanitation as a great national cause and budgetary priority. He further pleaded to the States to adopt or amplify national or local policies for water demand and create a ‘water-energy’ package and a fund dedicated to ‘water for food’ and ‘water for health’. He finally asked the States to commit to never building or renovating a school without a tap or toilets and pledged for water to become one of the future objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon expressed his concern and said: “Addressing these challenges is essential for sustainable development, reducing poverty, increasing prosperity and reinforcing the foundations of peace and security”. The World Water Council was invited to this event by the Qatar National Food Security Programme and its executive Chairman, Fahad bin Mohammed Al-Attiya.