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Reception and Fundraiser for Ocean Inspiration
August 18, 2010

Céline Cousteau and WRI invite you to a reception and fundraiser for Ocean Inspiration: A tribute to Jacques Cousteau’s 100th anniversary.

In Céline Cousteau’s words –

” ‘I grew up with your grandfather! Our family would sit down in front of the TV every week and watch his show; I traveled the world; I fell in love with the ocean; I became a marine biologist; I learned to dive…because of him.’ Across cultures and countries, it amazes me how often I hear some version of this story. It is incredible to witness the reach one person can have. Common to all of these stories is the heart of what he did – Jacques Cousteau inspired. His influence reveals itself in countless ways through science and in the arts his name can be heard in song lyrics, his image seen in children’s animation programs and theatrical films, and his words read in print.

“The best tribute that I can give my grandfather the year of his 100th anniversary is to unite the people who have been inspired by him with those who have been inspired by the ocean and together celebrate the domino effect of that inspiration.

“Ocean Inspiration is a celebration and a call to action to protect our oceans. It is an opportunity to recognize and honor individuals and organizations working hard to understand and protect the oceans. I cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to my grandfather.

“Through Ocean Inspiration, we look to the future.”

A portion of the proceeds from Ocean Inspiration will be designated for WRI’s Reefs at Risk initiative. WRI is joining forces with CauseCentric Productions to create a series of micro-documentaries for the Reefs at Risk initiative, produced by Céline Cousteau. The Reefs at Risk initiative will launch in early 2011 with several international events.

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