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WorldShift Movement Newsletter Issue 1: May 2011

Included in this issue: A profile of Ervin Laszlo; A Personal Conversation with Ervin Laszlo.

Recommended books from Ervin Laszlo, Nicolya Christi, Kingsley Dennis, Chris Martenson and Mark Boyle.

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Here at WS Movement, we have been very busy!

Since launching in November 2010, we have been focusing intently on building a unified, harmonious and strong Core Team. The team, thus far, are Darrell from the USA, Marc from Canada, Gyorgyi, who lives in Italy, David from Canada, Kingsley, who lives in Spain, Leslee from the UK, Dana from the UK and Nicolya, who lives in France. Having formed a strong bond, our attention recently turned towards a re-design of the WS M homepage and an overall edit of its inner pages. We are delighted to share with you that the new look homepage is now up on the internet!

WS Movement has been formed to encourage each individual to actively engage in his or her own conscious evolution, supporting a positive transformation in our world. It also serves as a platform for an eclectic focus on humanitarian, animal and Earth rights. We will be highlighting the stories and campaigns which we feel most urgently require compassionate action and need an active response on a mass scale.

We have added a Carousel to the homepage which will include important messages, endorsements, filmed interviews, statistics, petitions, and much more. This box, like all features on the homepage, will be regularly updated.

We have also included a News Feeder, at the bottom of the homepage, which features the very latest humanitarian news, sometimes updated daily. There is now a WorldShifting News Box which offers visitors the opportunity to explore and research the worldshifting news highlighted therein. The WS M video remains on the homepage, as it offers a clear overview of the WS M mission statement, vision and purpose. Another new addition is the WS M Prayer Wall, which lends a unique opportunity for visitors to leave their prayers in response to challenging or positive world events. For the month of May, WS M invites prayers for its Prayer Campaign for the Pacific Ocean, itself the victim of radioactive waters poured into it from the stricken Fukishima nuclear power stations. On the new look homepage we have also included a Sign Up form, and the usual social media links.

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