World’s First Foresight Encyclopedic Dictionary Available to the Public

Jay Owen Trendspotting

FUTURES, the world’s first Foresight Encyclopedic Dictionary, is now available to the public in both English and Spanish, and plans are in progress for other translations as well. It contains more than 1,000 terms used in futures research and studies. It offers an immersion into the field of foresight, including inter alia, in the design and construction of possible, desirable, and catastrophic scenarios.

“FUTURES is the most comprehensive collection of terms used by futurists ever assembled,” says Jerome C. Glenn, Executive Director of The Millennium Project.

FUTURES is valuable for students, teachers, researchers, consultants, business planners, policy- and decision-makers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is interested in anticipatory work and strategic studies. It is assembled in a friendly and comprehensive manner for improving the users’ understanding and employment of futures research terms and methods.