World CSR Congress, Feb 17-18

Jay Owen Partner Announcements and News

Leaders, Professional, csr Associates, CEOs, Sustainability Experts and Media honchos will be a part of the advisory council. They will be in different parts of the world and will help in spreading the message of world csr congress. At the end of the exercise CSR best practices awards will be presented. We intend to cover 100 countries – in length and breadth of the Geography. The world csr congress will also felicitate the Organisations with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to those the CSR Practices which help make a difference to the society and community at large. I urge you to spread the message through websites, direct communication with your professional circles, banners etc and undertake one such activity that will help making the cause happen. Just Spread It!!! and world csr congress will be a movement. Let’s Unite the World with the spirit and energy for conscious CSR.