World Business Academy Summer Roundup

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End of Summer Roundup

Our warm regards to you all as we say an official “goodbye” to the summer months, and cruise into a new season of the year. We hope you have been in good health and good spirits since our last communication.

As the turn of the seasons approaches us, so does the turn of seasons here at the World Business Academy. We have a few big changes to announce in this update…

To start, we finally moved into our new office space to accommodate our growing team of collaborators on all the exciting projects going on! Our new address is:
1101 Anacapa Street 
Suite 200 
Santa Barbara, California 93101

We are thrilled to be in this new, much bigger space and refresh our work environment.

We are also thrilled to welcome a few new team members, usher in new changes at our organization, and reflect on engaging events over the past few months.

Without further ado, here is a highlight of our past few months:

  • Welcome Liz Espinosa and Paul Wellman to our team!
  • Martin Whittaker joins us to chat about JUST Capital
  • Rinaldo S. Brutoco and H2 Clipper at the IHAC Conference
  • Ravi Chaudhry on “Acceptable Capitalism”
  • Amory Lovins on a nuclear-free future
  • Perspectives comes to a pause…


Academy News


Welcome Liz Espinosa and Paul Wellman!

Liz Espinosa joined the crew as Senior Accountant in July, replacing Matt Plotkin. She brings decades of accounting experience, a commitment to excellence, and a positive, can-do attitude to the job. We’re delighted that she’s here.

We’re also excited to introduce you to Paul Wellman, who joined us on a contract basis in May to help organize and bring some clarity to the reams of documents and piles of recordings we’ve accumulated over our 37-year history, in advance of our big move. He’s now become a permanent member of the team, serving as our Archivist and Information Systems Manager, as well as an all around “get-it-done” kind of guy. He’s got a background in photojournalism, and information technology, as well as general management skills. We’re making great use of his talents and are so glad he’s joined the team.

Martin Whittaker joins us to talk JUST Capital

We were thrilled to welcome Martin Whittaker from JUST Capital to Santa Barbara earlier this summer. He joined us for a “coffee and pastries” chat about the work JUST Capital is doing. Rinaldo serves on the Board of JUST Capital, and is a founding member of the organization. Watch the discussion between Martin and Rinaldo here.

Rinaldo S. Brutoco presents at 3rd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC)

Rinaldo represented H2 Clipper as a featured speaker once again at the 3rd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference (IHAC) in Glasgow, Scotland, last week. This is the first time the conference was held in person, so it’s been a very exciting time for Rinaldo and the whole H2 team amongst all the other great progress the company is making! He discussed why hydrogen is the ultimate energy solution to reverse global warming and achieve energy independence by transporting and distributing hydrogen from locations where it can be produced cheaply to markets requiring clean energy. Read more here, and keep up to date on H2 Clipper’s progress on LinkedIn.