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Rethinking the “think management- think male” paradigm

Journal: Gender in Management: An International Journal

Beyond gender role stereotypes and requisite managerial characteristics: From communal to androgynous, the changing views of women

Do androgynous leadership styles present potential benefits to female managers?

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A strategic approach to negotiating maternity leave

Journal: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal

Reifying the private/public divide: examining rhetorical strategies in the debate on maternity leave policy in the USA

Can women employ a strategic approach to negotiating their roles as both “ideal worker” and “ideal caretaker?”

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Overcoming the gender bias: female project managers in the U.S.

Journal: International Journal of Managing Projects in Business

Women project managers: the exploration of their job challenges and issue selling behaviors

The expected rise of women into upper management appears to have stalled, leaving companies asking: why?

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