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Want to have a say in legislation? In Argentina, there’s an app for that. We talk to the woman behind a new beauty product that launched a multibillion-dollar industry — and find out why it makes some people uncomfortable. If you’re looking to book an ecotourism adventure, the next big destination could be China.

— Laura Shin, Features Editor

The Report

How technology is rewriting the rules of Major League Baseball

If you thought baseball fans, players and managers were obsessed with statistics already, wait until you meet the sport’s latest tech recruit.

By Mary Catherine O’Connor

The Report

How 3D printing will change the way we shop

An online jewelry shop now lets you 3D-print versions of rings to try on to see what cut and size gem you’d like. Is this the future of retail?

By Laura Shin

The Take

Why the potential for a trillion-dollar ‘carbon bubble’ grows bigger every day

Energy analyst Chris Nelder argues why the risks associated with investing in fossil fuels companies are considerably larger than researchers think.

By Chris Nelder


Global Observer

Can the world’s most polluting country become an ecotourism pioneer?

The shoots of sustainable travel are emerging in one of the most unlikely of places: China.

By Gabrielle Jaffe

Will the smartphone replace the ballot box?

BUENOS AIRES — Democracy hasn’t changed much since the 18th century — at least until these two apps came along.

By Matt Chesterton

Business Brains

How a cosmetology student launched a multibillion-dollar industry

When Ericka Dotson downsized from a career in tech, she had no idea she would end up launching a worldwide beauty trend.

By Audrey Quinn

Pure Genius

Q&A: Why it’s time to turn inventors into rock stars

The Edison Nation network connects people with great ideas with companies that can manifest them. CEO Louis Foreman talks about how it’s helped get 500 products into the market.

By Heather Clancy

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