Why is WWF at Davos?

kristy Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News

30th January 2012
Why was WWF at Davos?

WWF works to protect Earth’s most special places. Places that are particularly rich in biodiversity. Places with unique animals and plants. Places like no other.

We found out that the most significant threats to our 35 priority places were 15 commodities: sugarcane, whitefish, fish meal, shrimp trawling, shrimp farms, paper & pulp, salmon farming, palm oil, tuna fisheries, beef, soy, sawn wood, biofuels, dairy and cotton.

We also found out that only 100 companies controlled 25% of the trade of those 15 commodities. The reason 25% of trade is so important is because it results in 40-50% of producers. Producers that will compete to sell into those better markets.

By working with those 100 companies we can leverage almost half of global production of those 15 commodities and address those threats.

That is one reason why WWF was at the World Economic Forum meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland, to bring a sustainable approach to business.

Read what WWF Director General Jim Leape has to say about Davos and why WWF is there.

But business is only part of the solution. We all, individuals, opinion leaders, policy makers, industry and businesses alike, have to learn how to do more with less.

What can you do to live within the means of our planet?

Think about it.

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