Who is the World Leader in CIGS Solar Shipments?

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Who is the World Leader in CIGS Solar Shipments?
It’s not Stion or Nanosolar or Solibro or MiaSole or any other VC-funded startup.

Low Concentration PV Deployments From SunPower and Skyline Solar
Less balance-of-system and less exotic than HCPV; perhaps a better LCOE than flat-panel solar?

Impressions of the Wind Tower Trade War

Looking at the recent accusations of unfair trade practices from legal, Chinese, and Vietnamese perspectives

Green Job Moves at Nanosolar, Solectria, Amonix, BrightSource, and Tesla

High-stakes personnel moves and some positive hiring news in inverters

Longtime Nanosolar Spin Doctor Brian Stone Departs Firm

A curious personnel move at one of the first-wave CIGS firms

3 GW of Solar in China in 2012?

Can China jump-start its domestic solar market?

Update and Erratum—Webberville: The Biggest Solar PV Installation in Texas

They tend to do things big in Texas.

Solyndra’s Remaining Employees Hoping for $500K in Bonuses
Bonuses, presumably, for a job well done

SolarWorld’s Gordon Brinser Responds to Solar Trade Tumult

This letter was sent to members on both sides of the solar dumping trade claim between the US and China.

CPV Startup Semprius Adds $3M More to Its War Chest

Can a new approach to chip design make concentrating photovoltaics more of a contender?

California Proposes Utility Bills as Latest Efficiency Investment Tool

The latest idea for making building energy financing cheaper and easier? Tying loan repayment to utility bills.

CEO of an American PV Installer Weighs In on the SolarWorld-China Trade Claim

The CEO of Helios Electric, a small PV installer, gives us the view from the rooftop, rather than the boardroom.

More Funding for a Different Focus on CPV From REhnu

Can the design for a better CPV mousetrap come from a telescope scientist?

CPS Energy to Announce OCI as Developer of 400 MW Solar PV Plant

If and when completed, the project will be one of the largest PV projects on earth.