Which ‘new normal’?

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“Ethical Markets thanks Joel Makower for his leadership and we fully support all his proposals in this insightful essay, and from his book “The New Grand Strategy: Restoring America’s Prosperity Security & Sustainability in the 21st Century” which I reviewed.

Joel’s plans and this analysis are similar to those I and physicist Fritjof Capra published on CSRWire, 3BL, Common Dreams and many other sites:

“PANDEMICS: Lessons Looking Back from 2050“ .

Please join our webinar on all this on April 2nd with ASU Lightworks “Security & Sustainability Forum: Discussion with Hazel Henderson“ hosted by Prof. Edward Saltzberg and including with me the Director of The Earth Charter, Mirian Vilela from San Jose, Costa Rica.


~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Which ‘new normal’?

Such a moment we’re in. Much of our social and economic fabric is in tatters — our toxic political discourse, our wobbly and inequitable economy, our fraying social fabric, our brittle infrastructure, an unraveling of relationships among the community of nations.

And then the virus hit. So, here we are.

It is a time of roller-coaster emotions. I seem to toggle hourly among several, my mood or mindset shifting along with the various hats I wear: as a vulnerable, over-60 citizen (anxious); as a journalist and analyst covering sustainability and society (fascinated); as an entrepreneur in a challenging economic landscape (determined). I’m guessing you have your own version of these.

There are days lately when you simply want the news to stop. But, alas, it seems to advance inexorably, becoming more frenzied and troublesome by the day.

So, we find ourselves at a moment of fear — for a brutal virus, for our tanking economy, for our collective future. But it is also a moment of reinvention, or soon will be, when we are able to see our way through the worst of this moment. There will be a rush to get back to “normal” — whatever that means for each individual, family, community, company, school, institution or agency — with trillions of dollars being spent to help us do just that.

Today, just about everything seems to be up for grabs, including the kind of “normal” we aim to individually and collectively create. Will it seek to replicate what we previously had? Perhaps not, since an emerging meme is that coronavirus changes everything.

So, what kind of “normal” do we want? This, in the face of everything else, is the moment to ponder that question.

That’s the topic of my column this week: While we’re clearly not out of the woods on the pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t be pondering the world that follows. This will be a disruptive time, and with all disruptions come opportunities for innovation and renewal. So, what will it be?

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