Where is the love?

Jay Owen Global Citizen, The Power of Yin

The Opposite of Violence

No matter where you live in the world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by headlines in the news today. From bombings in Baghdad to violence between police and civilians in the US, there is so much conflict tearing our communities apart.

But there are also people coming together and making our communities stronger. What signs of love and resilience do you see around you? Are you part of a project or movement that is bringing people together? We invite you to share your story. Open until 28 July.

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Displaced: The number of people displaced by conflict and persecution worldwide is at an all time high. Share your story to contribute to a more peaceful and welcoming world. Open until 14 July.

This is Who I Really Am: Have you faced myths, stereotypes, or misconceptions because of who you are or a group you belong to? This is an opportunity to express your identity on your own terms. Open until 21 July.

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