When Will Solid State Lighting Vanquish the Light Bulb? – GTM Daily Newsletter

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Solar VC: SolarEdge Closes a $37M Round for Panel Electronics
Venture capital investing in solar firms is alive and well.

Can Utilities Explain Smart Grid to Their Own Employees?
Utilities need to educate their workforce as well as their customers to get the most out of the smart grid, according to the latest report from the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative.

Updated: When Will Solid State Lighting Vanquish the Light Bulb?
Friday was the 132nd birthday of the lightbulb, its last birthday before its phase-out.

Barncat Jones sings “The Solyndra Song.” Elvis style.

Solyndra achieves cultural touchstone status. Presenting the Solyndra audio and video collection.

BEVs vs. PHEVs: Peaceful Coexistence or Life-or-Death Battle?

GTM Research explores how OEMs are marketing EV demand, from operating costs and sustainability to freedom and the pursuit of gasoline.

Ming Yang’s $5B Milestone Highlights an Emerging Wind Trend

How today’s wind industry is like telecom in the ’90s

The Networked EV: PG&E’s Networked Plug-Ins and V2G Plans

Pacific Gas & Electric has shown it can stop and start plug-in vehicle charging via smart meter and cellular networks-but that’s just the start of its smart grid plug-in plans.