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Andrea Pizziconi, through her company The Christie Company and Africa Integras, has been quietly working on reshaping Africa through mixed land use and building the infrastructure of higher education. She invested early-risk capital into the development of mixed-use university communities, bringing affordable financing structures to higher education and providing an impact investment opportunity.

Andrea is an accomplished singer, urban developer and true social entrepreneur. Where others talk, she has been a powerhouse in getting things done. Most important, she has always supported others who needed help, irrespective of her own situation. She has been a strong supporter of TBLI and our work Andrea is brilliant, funny, kind, generous, a raconteur and most of all a great soul that spreads love and generosity, wherever she goes. Always speaking the radical truth. Congrats.


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When is too late for the SDG’s?


Let’s be honest, we were already behind before COVID slowed everything down. The target date of 2030 is looming to accomplish the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As we try to emerge from a pandemic and into a new political climate, it’s more important than ever to accelerate our efforts. And that is going to take capital. A lot more of it.

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How to Bridge the ESG Divide Between Advisors, Clients


Despite increasing interest in investments focused on environmental, social and governance issues among investors, advisors and asset managers, many advisors are still reluctant to offer ESG strategies in client portfolios, according to a recent  report from Cerulli Associates.

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Brazil’s Positive Ventures closes on $10M fund for impact investing


Positive Ventures, a São Paulo-based venture firm, has secured $10 million for its latest fund. Positive Ventures has raised the capital from an impressive list of LPs, including investor Luis Stuhlb…

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The Four Types of Social Entrepreneurship


As the world moves into year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many who are stressing the need for social entrepreneurship. Individuals, businesses, and non-profits are stepping to the front an…

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