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26 March 2014









I often think of something that our editor-at-large Marc Gunther once pointed out: all of us have supply chains, and most of us don’t know what’s in them.

Guardian Sustainable Business decided to take a deep dive into the sustainability impacts of an item that has become increasingly important to everyday life: our cellphones. In the interactive story below, we have examined some of the key materials that go into the production of a smartphone and the influence they have wielded on different industries.

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Smartphones are owned by one in five people and have changed how many of the world’s most important industries work – from journalism to farming. But what is the true human and environmental cost of the devices that many of us depend on?Explore our interactive to find out.






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From @nich769: “Great new interactive to bring to life positive & negative #impacts of our #smartphone”




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From @rebecca_g: “Dirty reading: Sheep w/ two rows of teeth = consequences of rare earth mining in China:”




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From @ALPH3R1: “WOW unbelievable. That is just harsh very very sad. I don’t understand why they can’t just be fair?”






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