Website voting booths in 53 languages for global referendum on world democracy

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Vote World Parliament

— democratic world parliament through a global referendum —


Website voting booths in 53 languages for global referendum on world democracy

Nashville, TN, USA—Most people desire world peace, yet common wisdom often sees this quest as a notoriously elusive dream. In this Internet age, is there now a practical means to administer a global referendum to try to collect a mandate from our species to establish a democratic world parliament?

The advocacy group Vote World Parliament has developed a distributable voting booth that anyone with a website can volunteer to host. The ballot reads (in English): “Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative and democratic world parliament that is authorized to legislate on global issues?”

To see the portable ballot on a website, go to and click on the graphic link. These graphic links are available in 53 languages (via Google Translate; see

To date, even before the advent of the hosted voting booths, VWP has received about 21,500 votes, with 94% of these people voting “yes.”

VWP’s minimum goal is two billion votes, about half of the Earth’s adult population. If two thirds of these are “yes” votes, this may be seen as a legally binding mandate under international law. So far 123 published authors have endorsed this initiative, and dozens of NGOs have committed to installing the voting booth within their websites.

Details for participating either as a voter or as the host of a voting booth are available at

Contact: Ted Stalets (VWP Co-President)

[email protected] (615) 585-3294

Jim Stark (VWP Founder and Co-President)

[email protected] (819) 647-6113.