We presented to the Justices. What’s next?

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Ethical Markets supports Floridians for Solar Choice! ~ Hazel Henderson, Editor


Tuesday was a monumental day for solar choiceThe Florida Supreme Court heard from Floridians for Solar Choice and the monopoly utilities that are fighting to block rooftop solar. We are very optimistic that the Court will rule in our favor. The Justices understood that, while the utilities do not like our initiative, their role is to rule on the validity of the amendment. It is ultimately up to the voters to decide if this is a good amendment for the Sunshine State.

So, what’s next? The Supreme Court Justices do not have a hard deadline, but we are hopeful for a decision this month and will notify you as soon as we get word. In the meantime, the next phase of the campaign is already in overdrive. It’s going to take all the people power we have to gather the thousands of signatures we need to place solar choice on the ballot in 2016. We need your help: Sign the petitioncollect signatures in your community, and make a donation today!


Make a Contribution to Solar Choice: Can you donate just $10?

We’ve made it to the Supreme Court and have gathered 200,000 + signatures, but this success is not without a cost. Can you donate today to help us acquire the signatures we need? Just $10 is enough to help us provide a volunteer with materials to start petitioning in their community! Click here to make a contribution.

Volunteers in Action: Shout out for Solar:

This week we couldn’t give a shout out to just one single volunteer:Florida3 We want to thank hundreds of you for your support leading up to the hearing. There was overwhelming support on Tuesday as grassroots supporters, business leaders, journalists, and campaign leaders packed the court. Our thunderclap message reached over 165,000 people and the high volume of traffic on our website’s server actually caused a temporary crash!