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“Ethical Markets welcomes all this good news on the global transition to green sectors, which we verify in our latest Green Transition Scoreboard ® “DEEPENING GREEN FINANCE “ released this week now downloadable at www.ethicalmarkets.com, Hazel Henderson, Editor “

Economic opportunity through bold climate action

“Despite the scale of the challenges facing us, we firmly believe the required transition is technically and economically achievable if immediate action is taken.”
Adair Turner, Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission

Welcome to the April newsletter of the We Mean Business coalition, where we highlight bold progress in the transition to a low-carbon economy, while preparing for the challenges ahead.

Walmart has set new standards for working collaboratively with supply chains to achieve bold science-based targets, with the launch of its transformational goal to cut 1 gigaton of indirect (scope 3) emissions by 2030.

The coalition also welcomes the unprecedented clarity and vision provided by the official launch of Mission 2020, the Energy Transitions Commission’s ‘Better energy, Greater prosperity’ report and the latest report from WWF, Ceres, Calvert and CDP detailing the progress being made by Fortune 500 companies.


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Energy Transitions Commission: Pathway for low-carbon energy transition

The ETC, which brings together expertise from the energy and climate communities, argues that it is possible to cut carbon emissions from 36 gigatons today to 20 GT per annum by 2040, while transitioning to an energy system that’s provided almost solely by renewables.

Business risk, reward, and resilience in the face of extreme weather

Extreme weather can result in huge business costs and is trending upward by a factor of three over the past 35 years, according to an analyst with insurer Munich Re. Businesses can mitigate against these risks through actions focused on climate resilience.

The 6 revolutions needed to meet 2020 turning point

Mission 2020, a global non-profit headed by Christiana Figueres, has laid out the six revolutions needed to reverse the upward curve of greenhouse gas emissions and ensure their steady decline by the close of this decade and beyond.