We Are Still In as the U.S. Officially Exits the Paris Climate Agreement

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“As a signatory of this WE ARE STILL IN business group, we are still fully behind the Paris Accords and will urge President Biden to follow up on his promise to rejoin!  Meanwhile, the global transition from fossilized sectors to cleaner, greener , more inclusive, knowledge-richer societies is now unstoppable, as we have tracked since 2009 in our Green Transition Scoreboard® reports,  now summarized in our  forthcoming e-textbook “ MAPPING THE GLOBAL GREEN TRANSITION : 2009-2020 “

~Hazel Henderson, Editor “

Dear We Are Still In Signatory,

Today, the United States officially leaves the Paris Climate Agreement, ending the formal process for exiting the accord, nearly three and a half years after President Trump first announced his intent to withdraw the U.S. The We Are Still In Secretariat just released a statement letting the world know that communities and institutions across America remain more committed than ever to climate action, no matter the outcome of yesterday’s presidential election. Thanks to your leadership, We Are Still In has become the largest-ever American coalition assembled in pursuit of climate action. You can read the statement, explore a timeline of non-federal climate action during the Trump era, and watch a video compilation of local leaders’ responses to Paris withdrawal here.  


View Withdrawal Statement and Videos


We believe responding to this unpopular milestone is important, and would appreciate any amplification of this moment today. Here are some ways to get engaged:

If you have questions about the withdrawal process or rejoining Paris, please see Climate Nexus’ backgrounder.

Thank you, as always, for your support of the Paris Agreement and your dedication to fighting the climate crisis. It will always be important for U.S. communities and institutions to step up and work together – but at a moment such as this, we couldn’t be more grateful.


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We Are Still In Nov 4 statement and videos:

Today, the Trump administration officially took the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, making us the only nation to sit on the sidelines. We urge our federal government to re-enter as soon as possible for the health of Americans, our economy, and our planet. #WeAreStillIn

Today, the U.S. officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. The Trump administration is on the wrong side of history. Local leaders across America have always said #WeAreStillIn, because climate action will make our economy stronger: https://bit.ly/3jViFdo

Today, the U.S. officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. The Trump administration has abdicated our nation’s duty to lead on climate action. We stand with @wearestillin and the U.S. cities, states and businesses raising their voices today: https://bit.ly/3jViFdo