Watch Stephan Richter on the PBS NewsHour

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September 24-30, 2011

Watch Stephan Richter on the PBS NewsHour

Watch Stephan Richter, The Globalist’s publisher and editor-in-chief, discuss Europe’s fiscal crisis in this eight-minute segment from Thursday’s PBS NewsHour. His comments appear from 1:16-3:28 and 5:18-7:17.

The Strengths of Europe

In what ways is Europe in a stronger position than the United States, China and India? Stephan Richter and Martin Sieff, The Globalist’s chief global analyst, explain.
Wangari Maathai: Independence — Kenya’s and My Own

In the wake of the death of 2004 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Wangari Maathai, we present an excerpt from her autobiography, “Unbowed.” Her trailblazing story illustrates how African women are stepping into prominent leadership roles throughout the continent.

After Maathai: Women Taking Charge to Save the Environment

César Chelala explains how the legacy of the late Nobel Prize-winning environmentalist Wangari Maathai lives on in the thousands of women around the world who are actively engaging in environmental issues.

The Day President Kennedy (Almost) Broke the Embargo on Cuba

César Chelala recounts a historic moment in U.S.-Cuba relations when President Kennedy, a cigar aficionado, almost broke his country’s embargo against the Caribbean island.

Globalist PhotoGallery: Cuba on the Verge

Cuba has long been derided as a stagnant economic backwater. However, the country’s leaders are beginning to realize that the nation must reform. Terry McCoy shows us the nation through the lenses of both Cuban and American photographers.