WATCH: Black churches join the climate fight. The tide is about to turn!

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News

“The Black church has always joined hands with other faith traditions and stood on the front lines as they did in Selma, Alabama, fifty years ago. Now it’s time to take on climate change.”

–Reverend Ambrose Carroll, Green For All Fellow + Green The Church Founder

People of all faiths have long played a powerful role in advancing the cause of justice. The African American church, in particular, has been at the center of the most important social movements of the last century—from civil rights to voting rights and anti-poverty efforts.


Now, black churches are directing their power at a formidable new foe: Climate change.



Last week, some of the nation’s most influential pastors joined Green For All and the U.S. Green Building Council to formally launch our Green The Church campaign, which aims to reach 1,000 black churches and engage millions in the fight against pollution, poverty, and climate change.




Green The Church will help congregations green their buildings and save money on their energy bills. We’ll also mobilize church members—millions of people—to stand up to polluters and fight for clean air in their neighborhoods.


When it comes to social change, the African American church is a powerhouse. It could make the difference in whether we win or lose on climate.


We’re thrilled to be opening this new chapter.




Join us! You can find out more at



Together, we can win on climate!





Jeremy Hays

Executive Director

Green For All


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