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Newsletter November 2013


The Breakthrough Roadshow

OK, perhaps we lied. When the doors closed on our wonderfully successful Breakthrough Capitalism Forum in May 2012, we were so exhausted that we swore, “Never again!” – but that was then.

Find out about our progress in bringing the Breakthrough message to a global audience, and how we are starting to track our progress in this area.

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Breakthrough reaches Canada – and MaRS

Volans went into overdrive in mid-November, with four events taking place in Toronto over three days as part of our ‘Breakthrough Capitalism’ program.

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Social entrepreneurship training reaches worldwide audience

HP has teamed up with Volans to develop exciting, new social entrepreneurship content for its entrepreneurship online e-learning platform, HP LIFE.

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Where shared value meets sustainability

Read John Elkington’s thoughts following the fifth Nestlé CSV Forum hosted in Cartagena, Columbia.

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John Elkington joins Tesco’s Expert Advisory Panel

The set up of Tesco’s new Expert Advisory Panel is aimed at helping the retailer achieve its new value, “using our scale for good”, while challenging it to do more.

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News & Events

·        Sniffing out Breakthrough at Good Deals

·        Fair Trade for (Breakthrough) Breakfast

·        Volans’ Advisory Board – Take 2… or 11

·        And… a big welcome to our new team members, Richard Johnson andJosephine Living


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