Video: “My Country is the World”

Jay Owen Global Citizen

“My Country is the World” is a forthcoming documentary, which tells the extraordinary story of how Garry Davis, Danny Kaye’s Broadway understudy, became World Citizen #1 – a song and dance man on a mission to save the world.


The documentary presents the dramatic story of the first person to break free of national borders and live as only a citizen of the World – for 65 years!  A riveting story-teller, Garry Davis returned to the stage to reveal the key to creating world peace, relating adventures so remarkable that they’d be beyond belief – were not practically every step of his journey illustrated in old newsreels, clippings and photographs.


Hailed by Albert Einstein for “the sacrifices he has made for the well-being of humanity,” extolled by Buckminster Fuller as the “New World Man,” and challenged by Eleanor Roosevelt to start “a worldwide international government,” Garry Davis’ quixotic life made headlines around the world.


This documentary from award-winning director Arthur Kanegis is being produced by Future WAVE, a non-profit 501(c)(3).  Future WAVE is accepting donations to help purchase rights to all the historic footage and release the 78 minute documentary at


Watch Kanegis’ 7 minute award-winning short film here.