Victories for the Commons, the Renewable Energy Holy Grail, and more

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Victories for the Commons, the Renewable Energy Holy Grail, and more


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ILSR provides innovative strategies and timely information to support environmentally sound and equitable community development.

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Community Self-Reliance in the News

Should the Public or Private Sector Control Broadband?
Piece of Mind: We Need a Boston Tea Party
Sustainable: Minnesota’s First Community Solar Project Powers Up

Yes, We Can Have Banks That Work for the People

Saturday Post Office service is back and other victories for the public good in this edition of Localism Works. Challenges persist, but read on for how communities are turning the tide.

Walmart grocery store

Why Walmart’s Death Grip on Our Food System Is Intensifying Poverty
When Michelle Obama visited a Walmart in Springfield, Missouri, a few weeks ago to praise the company’s efforts to sell healthier food, she did not say why she chose a store in Springfield of all cities. But, in ways that Obama surely did not intend, it was a fitting choice. This Midwestern city provides achilling look at where Walmart wants to take our food system.

V sign

Four Victories for the Public Good

The popular will still has bite! After a major public outcry, federal agencies are directed to make published research results freely available to the public. Swiss voters ban “fat cat” payments to departing executives and more – read on for more wins from around the world.


Paul Spender of CEC

Clean Energy Pioneer Finds “Holy Grail”
Collectively owned clean power now has a replicable model. Colorado’s Clean Energy Collective model is successfully delivering customer owned renewable power in states around the country. Hear their lessons learned.   

Incinerator cartoon

Latest Deceptive Way to Prop Up Incinerators Defeated
What do you when you can’t win? If you’re Big Waste, you change the rules. Read on for more on our coalition victory against a new deceptive rule.

Chris Mitchell

Community Networks Gaining Traction Nationwide
DC. Portland. Denver. Dallas.Read on for more on Christopher Mitchell’s whirlwind tour.  

Composting Supports 4 Times More Jobs than Disposal, New Report Finds
Check in next month for the release of Pay Dirt! our report proving you can create jobs and protect the environment.

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