Verizon, Intel, Opower tout major energy efficiency savings, EV battle in CA

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By Derek Top, Senior Editor, Program Director – VERGE

Systems-thinking, an important concept in creating large-scale efficiencies and cost savings in the emerging VERGE ecosystem, is catching on. A report released yesterday from ACEEE discovers how system efficiency opportunities produce energy savings that dwarf component-based improvements in individual appliances or vehicles. The report highlights the role of data and IT in addressing long-term energy challenges in building and transportation systems.

Jim Sinopoli lays out how the benefits of microgrids — decentralized power generation for individual buildings, primarily through renewable sources — will soon be a reality in designing, operating and managing buildings.

Elsewhere, the real reason the military is going green from YES! Magazine and how electric utilities use the cloud to not only store massive amounts of smart meter data butanalyze the information for cost savings, from Electric Power & Light. And why Brazil is poised to be next big smart grid market from Earth2Tech.

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