Global Energy Transition Finance

kristy Green Prosperity

Communication to Dr. Steven Chu, US Secretary of of Energy

Developing an economic response to the Energy Crisis in the time of of a Credit Crisis/Crunch.  Delivering a Transition Plan for any high fossil energy demanding economy worldwide.

Dr. Gijs Graafland, Plank Foundation and Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets Media

America has gone through a severe difficult period the last decade, energy prices has slowed down economic performance, lowering purchasing power, causing balance of payment problems, causing a decline of prosperity and economy.

This report describes a Transition Plan that is able to turnaround energy production (and by this the declining economic trend). It describes the huge market (1 to 2 times World GDP) of the energy transition investments in the next decade. It describes the best (markets based) finance model for these investments; it describes the methods to generate huge volumes in market demand from allover America and the globe; it describes the needed National/Global Finance Model and National/Global Action Platform.