US Climate Action Center Makes a Splash at COP25, as the Paris Agreement Turns Four

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Latest Headlines

US Climate Action Center at COP25

As this year’s UN climate negotiations wind down, we’ve wrapped up four days of programming featuring American leaders from cities, states, businesses, universities, tribes, youth, and more. As negotiators deliberated over certain rules of the Paris Agreement, and national governments were pressured to reduce emissions further and faster, it was essential for us to share the message that the majority of Americans are committed to ambitious climate action. Unfortunately, the pace of these negotiations has not matched the urgent calls from scientists and civil society, which further emphasizes how important it is that our coalition showed up, and will continue to show up, on the global stage.

Here are some highlights of US subnational engagement at COP25:

  • The U.S. Climate Action Center and related activities were covered in top U.S. news outlets, including CNN, Politico, The Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press, and NBC, as well as many international outlets.
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi organized a bicameral delegation of 15 members of Congress to the opening day of COP25, leading with the “We Are Still In” message, and then last Friday announced the opening U.S. Climate Action during a press conference in Washington, D.C.
  • Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes of Wisconsin and President Fawn Sharp of the Quinault Indian Nation and National Congress of American Indians joined cross-sectoral panels of We Are Still In signatories to open and close the US Climate Action Center.
  • Chilean High-Level Champion Gonzalo Munoz Abogabir spoke at a session on international Alliances for Climate Action, alongside coalitions members from Mexico, South Africa, Vietnam, Japan, Argentina, and the United States.
  • Nearly 500,000 activists took to the streets of Madrid last Friday to demand strong, urgent action on climate change.
  • Vice President Al Gore gave a riveting speech at our U.S. Climate Action reception on Monday night, while Secretary John Kerry gave similarly inspiring remarks on We Are Still In at an event on Wednesday.
  • Over 70 American delegates from local governments, faith and cultural institutions, the private sector, and other groups attended the climate talks, many participating in bilateral meetings with France, Brazil, and the Climate Vulnerable Forum. Our delegation was bigger than the official US delegation from the State Department.
  • The US Climate Alliance released their annual report on the action and progress of participating state governments with a panel discussion featuring representatives of governors offices in Washington, Wisconsin, and Maryland.
  • America’s Pledge released their latest report on US subnational climate action, with the help of actor Harrison Ford, UN climate change secretary Patricia Espinosa, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter.