Update on the China-US Solar Trade Claim

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Disclaimer: two of the principals of Ethical markets Media are investors in First Solar

DAILY NEWSLETTER | Monday, January 30, 2012

Update on the China-US Solar Trade Claim
Obama on trade, a postponement until March 2, a rush to ship, and a jobs study

A Look Inside the Solar Industry at Schiller Automation
Schiller makes fabs that make panels—and may know who will survive the current solar turmoil.

Cleanweb Hackathon: Competition Brings Cleantech Apps to NYC
Could New York be bigger than San Fran in cleanweb?

Consert Takes Aim at Home Electricity Control, Not Home Automation
The GE, Verizon, Qualcomm and Constellation Energy-backed startup wants to turn homes into virtual power plants. Is it worth the extra cost?

Who Reigns Supreme in Residential Solar?
SolarCity’s aggressive consumer marketing and expansion into new markets puts it firmly at the head of the pack.

Video: Astronergy on the Complexities of the U.S. Solar Market
Alan Yuan, Senior VP of Astronergy

First Solar on the Future of Photovoltaics: Part 1
In order to thrive, First Solar must deploy 65 GW of photovoltaic panels over the next decade.

High-Speed Test Drive of Tesla Model S
Wherein your humble narrator test-drives the new Tesla Sedan against the EV company’s wishes.