UNOG-WAAS Global Leadership for the 21st Centrury — December 2020 Conference Report

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“We at Ethical Markets thank our partner, the World Academy of Art & Science for this beautiful Summary of our ”Global Leadership in the 21st Century“ online conference, December 2020.  Looking forward to continuing the multi-sectoral, international dialogue, “A Planetary Moment“, during the week of February 15th, 2021.  Let’s remember that all evolutionary processes proceed not in neat straight lines, but by the “punctuated equilibrium”, of JUMPS!

~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

UNOG-WAAS Global Leadership for the 21st Century — December 2020 Conference Report

We are pleased to share with you a report prepared by the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) on the conference co-organized by the UNOG and WAAS on 15 & 16 December 2020 as part of the project on Global Leadership for the 21st Century (GL-21).

GL-21 project is a collaboration of UNOG and WAAS to develop cross-sectoral catalytic strategies to address current global leadership challenges. Since November 2019, there have been more than 60 physical and online discussions as part of this project, involving 15 working groups, and more than 70 partner organizations and 400+ experts. The joint project culminated in a virtual conference in December 2020, with over 60 speakers and 800 participants from around 100 countries.

This report summarizes the main discussions of the conference. A final set of recommendations for the GL-21 project is under preparation and will be sent to you after submission and discussion with UNOG.

With best regards,
World Academy of Art & Science