UNEP FI Newsletter / May 2012

kristy Green Prosperity, SRI/ESG News

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio+20, is just over a month away. Many of us share high hopes about the summit’s impact on global commitment to sustainability. The conference has an additional dimension for UNEP FI, since it will also coincide with the partnership’s 20th anniversary, as well as UNEP’s 40th anniversary since the Stockholm Conference.

Twenty years after UNEP FI’s inception, what have we learned, what have we achieved, and where are we going now?

The journey has been enormously fulfilling, thanks to our members and other stakeholders who have supported us and made every effort to include sustainable finance into their daily businesses.

But UNEP FI is not revelling in its past glories. In an effort to bring sustainable finance to the table of decision-makers, UNEP FI recently handed over a position paper on the Rio+20 Conference Declaration to the conference negotiators. By acknowledging the unique role of the finance sector in effecting the transition to a green economy and the need for mandatory corporate sustainability disclosure, the document aims to make another substantial contribution to the sustainability debate.

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