UN Biodiversity Conference Part 1

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“The opening of the UN Conference on Biodiversity COP15 in Kungming, China is just as important as COP26  on the climate crises in Glasgow in November.

Both COP26 and COP15 remind us that both the climate and biodiversity crises have a single source:  faulty economics, faulty financial models, and faulty metrics over-reliant on prices. We must acknowledge that prices are a function of human ignorance, since they are always historic and exclude many social and environmental costs in both business and government balance-sheets, so-called “externalities“!   See our “Ending Externalities: Toward Full-Spectrum Accounting“ (2016) at www.ethicalmarkets.com and our “ESG Stakeholder Capitalism and China’s Common Prosperity?” on our Latest Headlines.

Hazel Henderson, Editor


Tuesday, 12 October 2021


Daily Reports



UN Biodiversity Conference Part 1

On the first day, delegates listened to opening statements highlighting the urgency of addressing the biodiversity crisis, adopted the meetings’ agendas and organization of work, and formed a contact group to address the interim budget for 2022. Read



49th Session of the Committee on World Food Security

Discussions focused on the “State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021” report, its policy implications, and the role of the Committee in the context of the pandemic. Read