Trump won’t apologize, but WE can

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“We at Ethical Markets add our apologies to all those around the world and in the USA who are outraged by Trump’s racist words and behavior.

~Hazel Henderson,  Editor”

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Trump called Haiti a “shithole” and insulted African countries. He won’t apologize. But WE can. When 1 million Americans sign the apology below to Haitians and others, Avaaz will publish it in the largest newspapers in Haiti, Ghana, and Nigeria. Add your name with one click:

sign now Dear friends across America,

Donald Trump just called Haiti a “shithole” and wondered why he’d want anyone from there, or African countries, to come to America.

He won’t apologize. But WE can — and show that Trump may be our president, but he doesn’t speak for the real America.

Sign the apology below with one-click and tell everyone. When 1 million Americans sign, Avaaz will publish it in the largest papers in Haiti, Ghana, and Nigeria with thousands of our names:

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To Haitians, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Salvadorans, Mexicans, and everyone Trump attacks and insults:
We are sorry for the hateful and racist words of our President. As Americans, we want you to know that he doesn’t speak for us. Our America respects and opens it heart to people from everywhere and always will.

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Trump was discussing a deal that would include protections for immigrants brought to America as children. “Why do we want people from Haiti here?” was the president’s response. He said he’d rather have people from Norway than “all these people from shithole countries.”

He’s still going to be president, and he’s still going to say whatever he wants. But at least we can make it clear to the people of Haiti and all other nations that Trump treats with utter contempt that we see them, that we’re with them, and that this isn’t the real America.

Let’s not allow Trump’s ignorant racism to be all the world sees of this country. He won’t apologize, but we can. Sign on with one click and let’s show Haitians and others that this man doesn’t speak for us:

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Time and again history has shown us that we are better united. When leaders like Trump try to divide us by saying that one group is better than another, we need to stand up and decisively reject it as one people.

With hope,

Danny, Jenny and the entire Avaaz team


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