Tri-Sector Forum – Singapore

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance, Advisors' Forum

From Washington to Singapore, where this coming week (28th April) the Singapore Management University is hosting the Tri-Sector Forum 2016. Grounded on the Tri-Sector Collaboration masters course on which I teach as a visiting prof., led by Ann Florini, who invented this ground-breaking course.

The session I am running is on the collaborative dynamics of efforts to align the financial system with the needs of sustainable development, building of course on the work of the UNEP Inquiry. Our investigations suggest that effective collaboration is the secret recipe for making progress on such alignment, rather than any particular policy, regulatory or fiscal measure. From China’s Green Finance Task Force to London’s Green Finance Initiative, it is these ‘smart platforms’ that allow for a well-formed pathway that blends market and non-market actors to work effectively in concert.

The Singapore session will be our first public outing of this hypothesis, drawing on the insights and experience of three great panelists, Simon Tay, Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs, Yeo Lian Sim, Special Adviser to Singapore Exchange (SGX), and Edi Setijawan, Sustainable Finance Director, Strategic Support Group for Board of Commissioners, Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK). Less visibly, is that the UNEP Inquiry is advancing a piece of work on this topic, and Ann Florini and myself are building a case study around this topic with the help of Steve Waddell, focused on financial inclusion.

~Simon Zadek, UNEP Inquiry