Today is the Day for International Justice

kristy Global Citizen

July15th, 2011

Today is the Day for International Justice

This Sunday marks the 13th annual International Justice Day, commemorating the signing of the Rome Statute, which created the International Criminal Court. Currently, 116 nations have pledged to support the International Criminal Court’s ability to get justice for victims of torture, genocide, and rape. The Court has 3 cases in the trial stage, 6 open investigations, and 18 arrest warrants issued. Its prestige within the international community as a tool to prevent human rights violations was illustrated by the United Nations Security Council referral of Libya’s Qadaffi and Sudan’s Bashir to the Court for investigation.

In short, the ICC is making a difference in the lives of victims of mass atrocities, but we need your help. Join us and:

o Learn more about the ICC

o Become a part of CGS’s work

Thank you for taking the time during your busy weekend to take a stand for international justice.

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