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Time to Act – May Newsletter

For 22 years Schumacher College has brought together leading thinkers from around the world to envision a better future. Courses this year begin to focus on how we can act to bring this future into reality.


We look at the importance of happiness and well-being and how this can be shaped by a localised economy, we look at ecological design and how it can be used to design the world around us, we look at the production of food for healthy people and planet and we look at how to organise ourselves to work together in collaboration.


The Economics of Happiness – Localisation, 22-26 July 2013

With Helena Norberg-Hodge

Join one of the true pioneers of the ‘new economy’ to examine the personal, social, ecological, and economic benefits of making the shift towards localisation.

Click here for more information and booking

Ecological Design and Earth Restoration, 16–20 September 2013

With John and Nancy Todd

Go back to first principles with these early pioneers to discover what ecological design means now and how we use it to re-design and restore our surroundings.

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Agroecology – The Future of Farming? – 23-27 September 2013

With Colin Tudge, John Letts, Tim Crabtree, Jane Pickard and John Crisp

Learn why farming based on agroecology is so vital for people and planet and how you can start your own land-based project and make a living from it.

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Complexity and Collaboration: Applying Complexity Theory to Organisational Transformation, July 15-19

With Prof. Eve Mitleton-Kelly

Transform your workplace, empower employees and learn to work collaboratively by applying the key principles of complexity theory.

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Blog Claudius van Wyk recently facilitated a similarly themed course which included Eve Mitleton-Kelly as a guest teacher. He writes about his experiences – read it here

New Courses

Outdoor Development Days for Professionals – WildWise in association with Schumacher College, September – November 2013

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with bushcraft and outdoor education specialists WildWise. This exciting programme of one-day courses is for professionals wanting to learn new outdoor skills and spend time in the wild.

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NEW courses soon to be announced with Polly Higgins and Charles Eisenstein, Mark Boyle and Fergus Drennan.

Postgraduate News

This month we are re-launching our postgraduate programme in Sustainable Horticulture and Food Production. With a revised format (fully residential instead of modular), additional collaborators (Organic Research Centre – Elm Farm and theCampaign for Real Farming) and new and pioneering projects for students to get working on, what we offer is the cutting edge of research and practice for a sustainable food future.

Please help us to spread the word – a new food system is possible!
More information and recruitment here >>

Visit our postgraduate page for further information on all our 2013/14 courses


Stephanie Mills visits the College

Last at the College in the 1998 with Arne Naess and Stephan Harding teaching deep ecology, we are very excited to welcome Stephanie back for our short course ‘Writing from the Core of the Earth’, 3 – 7 June. She will replace Chellis Glendinning who sadly can’t be here due to VISA issues.
There are a few places still available for this course – please click here >>
Click here for an interview with Stephanie on her course at the College >>

Volunteer positions

We have two opportunities for year-long volunteers with previous experience at the College, starting August 2013. This is a unique opportunity to be part of the resident community and experience the vibrant learning that happens here. All your accommodation and food is included and you have access to all areas of the College and surrounding countryside.

Postgraduate Support Liaison – Click here

Senior Volunteer – Click here

The Fifth Scared Thing – a film

Starhawk has recently been teaching a short course at the College and showed us the video of her latest film project, based on the Fifth Sacred Thing. Written 20 years ago, her vision of the future, described in the book, is still one of the most positive and inspiring around. The full length film will be crowd-funded. For more information and to view the film ‘teaser’ click here >> or visitwww.fifthsacredthing.com

Calling all volunteers

If you have been on a short course and are interested in volunteering at the College for a period of one to three months, please send your details to Heather.Gillard@schumachercollege.org.uk.


Schumacher College Earth Talks

Japanese Master Chef Toshio Tanahashi and Wild Swimming author Daniel Start are two of the presenters coming up in our Earth Talks programme
Next Earth Talk: Toshio Tanahashi, 24 May – click here
Also, visit the Schumacher College kitchens on 13 June for Rise! – our bread-baking course for beginners, back due to popular demand – click here

Bristol Big Green Week, 15 – 23 June

Look out for the orange Schumacher College shed outside the Colston Hall, the last weekend of this big sustainability festival in Bristol. Soak up the sun from your deckchair listening to What If … thoughts from some of the biggest speakers of the week.
Click here for more information on this festival of sustainability in the South West of England.

Tagore Festival, Dartington Hall, 28 – 30 June

Inspired by Rabindranath Tagore, the line up this year will include Soumik Datta, Flux, Satish Kumar and many other eastern-influenced events and workshops. The programme is now available and includes a line-up of inspiring What If … speakers from Schumacher College from a chai tent on the lawn Visit the website for more details.

Two courses at Embercombe

Our friends at Embercombe are running two excellent courses: The Journey ‘Finding Earth, Finding Soul’ which focuses on reconnecting us with the natural environment as a source of our power and strength and Catalyst a course designed for young adults aged 18-25 who wish to become change agents.

When is teaching?, Brockwood Park School, 16 -18 August

A weekend education conference on teaching and learning with renowned Harvard educator, author, student and colleague of Piaget, Eleanor Duckworth, and other educators at Brockwood Park School in the beautiful Hampshire countryside.
Click here for more information

Our blogs

Inga Page: Dart Pilgrimage Click here to read

Stephan HardingDedicated to the Elements of Our Earth Click here to read

Claudius van Wyk: Holism and Leadership: Transforming Organisational Practice in an Age of Uncertainty –Click here to read

Emma Kidd: Seeing with New Eyes – An Adventure in Perception – Click here to read


An interview with Stephanie Mills – Click here to read

Inspired by Schumacher College

Ruth Potts, ex MA student in Economics for Transition, joins a conversation with Neal Lawson in the New Internationalist on shopping as a form of activism.
Click here to read

Izabella Ceccato, a Schumacher College volunteer from Brazil, has set up a local online eco-social network, ecoredesocial.com based around an open Facebook group. More news on our own Schumacher Network initiative coming soon.

Adam Parsons, editor at Share The World’s Resources writes about visiting the College last year to attend a short course with Charles Eisenstein. Click here to read

If you have been inspired by Schumacher College and want to share your project, please send your thoughts and a link to Rachel.fleming@schumachercollege.org.uk.

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